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Toxicologist and Eco-toxicologist

Are you particularly interested in health or the environment? Do you have a science degree with at least five years in higher education, plus a higher level degree in toxicology or a PhD in environment and eco-toxicology? Find out what a toxicologist and eco-toxicologist does.


Toxicologists focus on human health and eco-toxicologists on the environment.

The main duties of both types of expert is to assess product risk and product information, and monitor and defend products.

Main duties

  • Determine the toxicological or eco-toxicological data and properties of products based on documentary research or experimentation.
  • Review and assess these data (analysis, confirmation, summary and interpretation).
  • Determine the hazards and assess the risks to human health and/or the environment.
  • Draw up chemical safety reports, technical instructions and summaries.
  • Prepare documentation for approvals, marketing authorizations, etc.
  • Take part in working groups (co-producers and trade associations in and outside France) and manage relations with French and European authorities.

Required skills

  • Self-reliance, innovation, capacity for reasoning and thoroughness.
  • People skills, enthusiasm and charisma.
  • Good spoken and written communication and team spirit.

Education and experience

Science degree with at least five years in higher education in chemistry, biochemistry, biology, pharmacy or medicine, with a higher level degree in toxicology or a PhD in environment and eco-toxicology.

Prior experience in industry, government or a CRO (Contract Research Organization) would be an asset.

Quality Health Security and Environment

QHSE focuses on risk prevention and the protection of people, property, and the environment (product safety, DREAL, etc.). QHSE also ensures the reliability of tools to enable high-quality production that meets our customers' requirements.

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