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QHSE engineer

Are you a QHSE expert? Can you solve problems within a binding framework while anticipating potential risks? Find out what a QHSE engineer does.


QHSE engineers are responsible for solving day-to-day problems and anticipating health and safety, quality and environmental hazards at production sites, in particular by carrying out studies and sharing experiences.

Main duties

  • Ensure compliance with all in-house rules on health, the environment, quality and the safety of people and property in and around the plant.
  • Monitor regulatory compliance for facilities, procedures and products.
  • Help to increase safety and minimize risks by fostering a “safety and environment” mindset among employees.
  • Provide advice and expert input to the plant’s various units.

Required skills

  • Familiarity with health, safety, quality and environmental procedures and good knowledge of conditions in the field.
  • Effective use of communication resources.
  • Determination, thoroughness, ability to communicate and training skills.
  • Fluent English.

Education and experience

Graduate of a top-ranked general engineering or chemical engineering school, ideally supplemented by specific training in quality, safety or the environment.

Quality Health Security and Environment

QHSE focuses on risk prevention and the protection of people, property, and the environment (product safety, DREAL, etc.). QHSE also ensures the reliability of tools to enable high-quality production that meets our customers' requirements.

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