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Product regulatory compliance engineer

Do you have a background in chemical engineering, ideally with a specialization in toxicology or the environment? The position of product regulatory compliance engineer could be for you. Find out all about it.


Product regulatory compliance engineers report to the head of the product regulatory compliance department. They ensure that Arkema products are marketed in compliance with health, safety and environmental regulations.

They also provide support, advice and expertise to production sites and to both internal and external partners.

Main duties

  • Provide regulatory information and documents to Arkema’s business units.
  • Keep up to date with regulatory issues relating to the use and handling of chemicals and their environmental fate.
  • Produce and update safety data sheets, including changes to requirements under GHS (Globally Harmonized System of classification) and REACH (European regulatory framework for chemicals).
  • Help with the preparation of REACH registration dossiers.
  • Assist the head of the regulatory compliance department with staff training, knowledge database upgrades, publication of product safety documents for users, improvements to in-house documents, etc.

Required skills

  • Sound knowledge of hazardous product regulations.
  • Focus, attention, thoroughness and responsibility.
  • Ability to analyze and capacity for reasoning.
  • Training and people skills.

Education and experience

A chemical engineer, ideally with a specialization in toxicology or the environment.

Prior experience in regulatory compliance or in a technical position (lab, plant, HSE) would be an asset.


Product Regulatory Compliance Engineer

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QHSE focuses on risk prevention and the protection of people, property, and the environment (product safety, DREAL, etc.). QHSE also ensures the reliability of tools to enable high-quality production that meets our customers' requirements.

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