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Design engineer

Do you know all about lab tests and pilot tests? Are you able to construct the necessary tests to design the equipment and facilities required for high-quality, fast, cost-effective and safe industrial production? Find out what a design engineer does.


  • Work in the engineering design department, made up of engineers with wide-ranging skills in fields such as mechanical, electrical and hydraulic engineering and control.
  • Prepare designs, especially engineering designs, for production purposes.
  • Use investment budgets according to financial, lead-time and quality requirements.


  • Ensure the smooth execution of projects by making sure that cost, lead-time and quality requirements are met while complying with safety and environmental standards and the budget.
  • Ensure that the company’s rules and standards are followed and provide feedback.
  • Deliver the conditions for the handover of the facility to the plant operator.
  • Provide the site with specific and general documentation.
  • Prepare engineering designs and provide production support.
  • Motivate people and maintain their technical skills to improve their performance.

Required skills

  • Skills in mechanical, electrical and instrumentation engineering.
  • Inquiring mind, creativity.
  • Fluent English.

Education and experience

Degree in general, mechanical or electrical engineering or instrumentation.


The role of our Production professions is to manufacture our products under optimal safety and environmental conditions, while meeting our customers’ expectations.

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