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Technical inspector

Do you have strong skills in boiler-making and construction methods? Do you also have a thorough knowledge of materials and corrosion? Find out what a technical inspector does.


Technical inspectors check that regulated apparatus and equipment comply with regulations or the internal company rules and provide plant-related technical expertise.

Main duties

  • Help to organize the inspection of all equipment monitored in-house (reactors, vessels, exchangers, storage tanks, safety devices, etc.).
  • Draw up procedures for preparing inspection and monitoring plans for equipment in operation or under construction.
  • Help to establish inspection plans and check their implementation.
  • Keep up to date with regulatory changes, inform the relevant departments (maintenance, manufacture, engineering design) and ensure implementation.

Required skills

  • Proficiency in the main. non-destructive testing methods.
  • Strict application of regulations.
  • Communication skills.

Education and experience

Technician with strong skills in boiler-making and construction methods, with a sound knowledge of materials and corrosion.

The ideal candidate will have prior experience of inspection in the chemical industry.


Technical inspector

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