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Sylvain, chief operator

What has been your career path?

I have a certificate of professional competence as a welder and boilermaker, and a boilermaker's vocational studies certificate. I started as a temporary mechanic for Atofina at the Serquiny site in 1988. Then I was made a packaging workshop operator, then a production operator, then a technician, and then a supervisor. I have been a production coordinator since 2008.

What is your job about?

Making good quality products and overcoming malfunctions as quickly as possible, always in accordance with the safety rules.

What is your typical working day like?

While every day is different, a "typical" day is a bit like this: I organize the work that everyone has to do, prioritize the urgent matters to deal with, fix breakdowns, manage the service interventions (bringing facilities into safety compliance and putting them back into operation), manage the external personnel, give the management a daily update, manage the unloading of the raw materials tanks, take care of the operations and raw materials documents, handle any problems with the people on the team (training, leave, personal problems, etc.), prepare and do the EIAs (environmental impact assessments), write up the quarterly report, and so on.

What skills does your job require?

You need to know the processes and facilities very well. You need to be thorough, willing to help others, and to keep a cool head, which is not always easy in management!

What do you like about your job?

The diversity of my tasks, the scope that I have to manage with all its complexities and the unexpected issues that arise.

What challenges do you like to take on?

I like to finish a job having left it in the best possible situation, and finding solutions to complex problems! Succeeding where others weren't able.

What are your career plans for afterwards?

Moving on to other positions, such as workshop manager, working on new projects or training…

What do you like about Arkema?

I like that it is a solid company and the possibilities for advancement that it offers. My own career path is a testament to that!

Something about yourself?

I like traveling, skiing, cars, motorcycles, movies, music (live music), the theater, which I only discovered recently, and my friends (the real ones!)

Do you have a motto in your work or life in general?

Always get to the bottom of things, do the best you can… and in a good mood!


The role of our Production professions is to manufacture our products under optimal safety and environmental conditions, while meeting our customers’ expectations.

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