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Sales representative

Are you confident rolling out a sales plan? Can you coordinate several activities to achieve the best sales performance? Find out what a Sales representative -/ Sales manager does.


The main role of sales representatives is to secure and grow revenue. They provide technical and commercial support, and develop their customer portfolio. They inform their business unit about any opportunities or threats.

Main duties

  • Implement the sales plan drawn up by the sales manager within a given scope (customers, region, etc.).
  • Negotiate sales terms and conditions.
  • Work with R&D on technical initiatives.
  • Act as an intermediary between Arkema and customers.
  • Set growth targets for a specific zone.
  • Canvass new clients.

Required skills

  • Knowledge of the market and stakeholders
  • Product knowledge
  • Technical expertise
  • People skills
  • Attentiveness

Education and experience

A technical background and sales experience. Proficiency in several languages is valued.


The role of the sales teams is to build up a customer portfolio that is sustainable in the long term, by meeting customers' specific requirements with high-quality products

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