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Sales manager

Role of the job

The role of the sales manager is to reorganize the sales network and the back office to sustainably ensure good service for our customers.

The sales manager must also structure the company's distribution to ensure positive growth.


  • Manage the teams, train the sales representatives and empower them to take on greater responsibilities and autonomy in their work, both in the area of sales and in terms of growth and in contract negotiations.
  • Ensure that the company's sales are sustainable and properly conducted, i.e. fully in accordance with all laws and regulations concerning compliance and safety.
  • Assist the sales network during challenging situations or important negotiations. Help the sales representatives without doing their job for them!

Skills required

Strong background in sales and knowledge of the rules, laws, and practices of international trade are essential. Common sense, as much of this work can not be learned at school.


Business school, management training, etc.

Possible next career step

Many sales directors previously worked as sales representatives and then product managers.

A logical next step would be advancement to the role of general manager of a business unit or director of a subsidiary. Or, if the individual does not wish to change job, it is often possible to progress in the same role by taking on greater responsibilities. From one business unit to another, the job of the sales director is not exactly the same.


Sales manager

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The role of the sales teams is to build up a customer portfolio that is sustainable in the long term, by meeting customers' specific requirements with high-quality products

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