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Product manager

Role of the job

The product manager has a key role in the management of the product range. Product managers make decisions about the development, production, and marketing of the company's products.


Product managers are part of a business unit in a particular market.

As such, their main responsibilities include:

  • Defining the product range (commercial products, restricted markets, etc.)
  • Pricing: setting prices for the sales teams (monitoring production costs, fluctuations in the cost of raw materials, and so on)
  • Product development: setting priorities, monitoring projects in conjunction with the R&D, processes, and manufacturing teams
  • Production: organizing the production schedule, managing quality problems and stock levels
  • Promotion: putting promotional marketing mechanisms in place (price positioning, market information, competition)

Skills required

An analytical approach, technical and marketing expertise, organizational skills in an international environment, an ability to have people stick to ideas and decisions, a liking for working internationally and as part of a team.


An engineering school with a specialization in marketing/business or a business school with a strong technical background.

Possible next career step

  • Market manager
  • Product development in the R&D department
  • Sales/business management


Product manager

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Product - Marketing

The role of Marketing professions is to ensure the company's products are correctly positioned in the markets where it does business.
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