Materiality analysis

In tune with the times, Arkema conducted its first materiality analysis in 2016. This mapping of issues and challenges has a dual purpose: to establish to what extent the Group's CSR policy fulfils the expectations of its stakeholders, and to identify areas where progress can be made from an environmental, social and economic angle.

Arkema's materiality study

Process and methodology

This materiality study comprised two phases:

  • A preparatory phase, when the mapping of Arkema’s (internal and external) stakeholders was drawn up alongside a list of the "most material" CSR topics (namely how important they are for both Arkema and its stakeholders).
  • A consultation phase, when every stakeholder involved validated and ranked the CSR topics that were identified.


The findings from this analysis were compiled into a matrix. This indicates the importance given to the topics by Arkema on one axis and by its external stakeholders on the other axis. Each convergence point indicates the level of common prioritization of the topics.

Why this analysis?

A materiality analysis is both an opportunity for constructive dialog with the stakeholders (Arkema collects their expectations) and a tool for guiding the CSR strategy (priorities and follow-up indicators are defined based on this consultation).


Building on this materiality analysis, Arkema intends to:

  • Enhance dialog with its stakeholders and involve them in the Group’s global CSR initiative
  • Validate the relevance of CSR initiatives already underway
Arkema Group's materiality assesment
Relations with stakeholders

Facts & figures

  • 30 different types of stakeholders surveyed
  • 50% employees (site managers, R&D, employee representatives, etc.)
  • 50% external stakeholders (suppliers, customers, rating agencies, journalists, etc.)
  • 25 topics covered
  • Repeated every 3 years

Results and priorities

Following the consultation phase involving Arkema’s main stakeholders, priority issues were either reaffirmed or newly identified, as follows:

  • Safety of people and sites
  • Environment: management of resources (energy and water)
  • Innovation: sustainable solutions, product stewardship, and accountability
  • Social: diversity and equal opportunities, training and individual development


These priority issues, as guarantors of sustainable and responsible growth, confirm the commitments under Arkema's CSR policy, while establishing a very open dialog with its stakeholders.

Testimonies from our stakeholders

Three representatives from our stakeholders have given us their testimonies of their perception of this initiative and of Arkema's CSR strategy. Check them out below.

Sylvie Latieule, Journalist and Managing Editor of the French-language publication Info Chimie Magazine

"I see Arkema as a company striving to meet the major challenges of the future by constantly innovating in high-performance materials. Its portfolio includes a number of solutions for manufacturing lighter-weight cars and planes, more robust and recyclable wind turbine blades, more efficient batteries and solar panels and more effective water filtration systems. It has also long been committed to developing bio-based materials, which help sustainably curtail carbon emissions."

Sylvie Latieule, Journalist and Managing Editor of the French-language publication Info Chimie Magazine

Director of Investor Engagement at rating agency CDP

"With this assessment, Arkema is showing it has a mature corporate social responsibility process. The post-COP21 signing of the Paris Agreement constituted global recognition of the crucial challenge of curbing greenhouse gas emissions, and has mobilized businesses. I urge Arkema to join the Science Based Targets initiative, which offers companies a way to ensure their targets are compatible with keeping global warming within 2°C. The next big challenge is managing water sustainably, a ticking time bomb."

Laurent Laurent Babikian, Director of Investor Engagement at rating agency CDP

Xavier Durand-Delacre, Vice President, Asia-Pacific, Arkema

"In Asia, especially China, Arkema's stakeholders have high CSR and sustainability expectations. The people and companies we deal with genuinely want and appreciate strong positions on the environment, health, safety, and employee insurance and benefits, as well as openness to the wider world. Arkema’s CSR and sustainability process also helps suppliers, customers, partners and others connected with our business make lasting progress."

Xavier Durand-Delacre, Senior Vice President, Asia-Pacific, Arkema


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