The men and women of the Arkema group – an invaluable asset

As a responsible company, the Arkema group strives to supporting the personal and collective development of its employees and to improving their working conditions regularly.

The working men and women of the Arkema group are truly unique due to their know-how, professional specialization, nationality, role and personality. However, taken as a whole they represent a collective body and a community.

These two dimensions form the basis of the Group's human resources policy. They direct its actions in relation to two main concerns:

  • the personal development of the Arkema's employees, to improve the skills and know-how of each staff member,
  • social development, i.e. the improvement of collective working conditions.


Through its policies related to recruitment, training and career management, the Group is striving to create an environment conducive to personal development. Its action is also based on a policy of performance recognition which is fair and consistent with market practices.


Regarding social development, Arkema is taking action to improve the working environment and to protect the health of its employees. This is a policy of continual improvement which also requires maintaining quality labor relations. To this end, the Group closely monitors compliance with diversity in terms of national origins, profiles and educational background. It also remains focused on listening to its employees and seeks out opportunities to improve labor relations.


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