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The Arkema group is involved with many French, European and international professional organizations in order to exchange best practices and share experiences.

As part of its endorsement of the Responsible Care® program, the Arkema group considers that it is its duty to contribute to the development of HSE (Health, Safety, Environment) policies and best practices.
It actively participates in various committees and working groups in professional organizations and federations in the chemical industry. The Arkema group feels that exchanges within these organizations can serve as the driving force for progress in the area of social responsibility.

In Europe, the Arkema group takes part in many working groups:

  • the strategic implementation group logistics, which deals with transport security and storage,
  • the strategic implementation group chemicals policy of the REACH program, 
  • the strategic implementation group health, safety and environment of the European chemical industry council (CEFIC).

In France, the Arkema group is a member of:

  • France Chimie (formerly the union of chemical industrial firms). It leads or participates in numerous working groups on a variety of topics:  technical, environment, industrial safety, HSE, transport and logistics, etc.
  • the product management committee in which it can share its knowledge and experience with other chemical firms, especially SMEs and distributors.

In addition, the Arkema group actively supports organizations such as:

  • the national college of experts on the environment of the chemical industry  (CNEEIC),
  • the working group on safety in the oil and chemical industries (Gesip),
  • The interprofessional committee for development and training in hazardous material transport (CIFMD).

Finally, the Group provides its support to specific government agencies:

  • the center of documentation, research and experimentation in accidental water pollution (CEDRE),
  • the national institute of the industrial environment and risks (Ineris) and the french standards association (Afnor).

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