Diversity: a resource to be nurtured

Arkema place a high value on respecting diversity in our teams.

Arkema is committed to:

  • develop professional gender equity at all levels of the company
  • facilitate exchanges between different countries and cultural diversity in our teams
  • recruit and integrate people with disabilities, particularly in France

Key figures about diversity in Arkema

25.3% of the Group's employees are women

Women make up 23% of the Group's senior management functions

10.3% of new recruits are above the age of 50

4.3% employment among people with disabilities in France



Encouraging talented women

34% of the Arkema's mid-level managers are women.

As part of its non-discrimination charter, the Group has set itself the goal of reaching between 23 and 25% of women among senior executives. To tackle the risk of the "glass ceiling" phenomenon, and support the advancement of women employees, Arkema recently created a mentoring program. Among the Group's leaders, volunteer "mentors" - men or women - are trained to assist their "mentees" in their career development.


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