IT project manager


IT project managers oversee projects while complying with the quality, cost and timescale objectives set in the specification requirements.

IT project managers are involved at every stage of the project they are responsible for:

  • Oversight
  • Execution
  • Support

Main duties

  • Set out the quality plan (committees, working parties, documentation to be produced, etc.), budget and timetable.
  • Make sure the project’s IT choices are consistent with the quality standards and the guidelines set for IT applications.
  • Set out the specification requirements with the project owner.
  • Run the project team.
  • Oversee the execution of the project and the implementation of the IT infrastructure, within budget and timetable constraints.
  • Organize and roll out the project.
  • Assist the project owner with the management of change.
  • Contribute to promoting the project and explaining the issues involved in liaison with the project owner.

Skills and abilities needed

  • Interpersonal skills (communication, putting forward ideas and solutions, negotiating).
  • Ability to manage teams, run meetings, coordinate.
  • Ability to organize and oversee, a sense of priorities, ability to anticipate.
  • Understanding of business processes and technical solutions.


IT project managers should also be proficient in English and be able to work in an international and multicultural environment.

Education and experience

Engineering school (general or specializing in computer science).


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