Toxicologists and eco-toxicologists have their respective research remit: human health for toxicologists, and the environment for eco-toxicologists.

The main duties of both types of experts is to evaluate product risk and product information, and monitor and defend products.

Main duties

  • Determine the toxicological / eco-toxicological data and properties of products through document-based research or experimentation.
  • Review and assess these data (analysis, validation, summary and interpretation).
  • Determine the hazards and assess the risks to human health / the environment.
  • Write up reports on chemical safety, technical notes and manuals, and technical summaries.
  • Prepare dossiers for approval, marketing authorization, etc. 
  • Take part in working parties (coproducers and trade associations in and outside France), and oversee relations with French and European authorities.

Skills and abilities needed

  • Self-sufficiency, innovation, capacity for synthesis, and rigour.
  • Interpersonal skills, enthusiasm, charisma.
  • Good spoken and written communication, and a feel for teamwork.

Education and experience

Scientific education, with at least 5 years in higher education, in chemistry, biochemistry, biology, pharmacy or medicine, supplemented by a higher education degree in toxicology or a PhD in environment and eco-toxicology. 

Prior experience in industry, the authorities, or a CRO (Contract Research Organization) would be an asset.


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