Production managers are responsible for one or more industrial production plants, which supply finished products in accordance with quality standards, deadlines and cost, safety and environmental requirements.

As conductors at the center of production facilities, they ensure that production is proceeding optimally and that support services (maintenance, analysis and supply chain) are provided in the right sequence. They must also be attentive to the requirements of their internal and external customers.

Main duties:

  • Manage a staff of 25 to 60 people, depending on the process, the majority of whom are usually organized in shifts.
  • Make sure that the production schedule meets quality, turnaround time, and cost requirements.
  • Ensure the safety of their personnel and equipment and of the neighborhood, and protect the environment around their activities.
  • Ensure that equipment undergoing maintenance is made safe.
  • Make sure that operating instructions and quality assurance documents are updated and followed.
  • Maintain a high level of team performance through efficient practices and employee motivation.
  • Help to improve the installation’s productivity and operating conditions.
  • Help to foster greater synergy between Operations, Maintenance and Inspection.

Skills and abilities needed

  • Proficiency in chemical engineering and performing chemical reactions.
  • Managing people and controlling equipment.

Education and experience

General engineering or chemical engineering. Significant experience as a process engineer, technical operations assistant, or in production support.  

Career development

  • Head of production department
  • Head of operational unit
  • Industrial manager
  • Plant manager

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