Laboratory findings and pilot results are needed to design the equipment and installations required for safe, quality, cost-efficient, fast-turnaround industrial production.

Both fall within the remit of the design engineering department, which is staffed by engineers expert in areas as diverse as mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, hydraulics and regulation, among others.


  • Conduct technical design and design in support of operations.
  • Employ the capital investment granted per cost, deadline and quality requirements.


  • Oversee seamless project implementation, in line with cost, deadline and quality specifications and the safety and environmental standards set out in the credit arrangement
  • Make sure that company and group rules and standards are taken into account, and provide feedback
  • Meet the conditions for handing over the installation to the operator
  • Supply accurate, general documentation for the site
  • Perform technical design and support of operations
  • Drive staff performance by motivating employees and keeping them technically up to date

Skills and abilities needed

  • Skills in mechanical, electrical and instrumentation engineering.
  • Inquiring mind, creativity.
  • Fluent English.

Education and experience

Graduate in general, mechanical, electrical or instrumentation engineering.


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