Technical inspectors check the conformity of apparatus and regulated equipment (as required by law or by the company’s regulations), and provide technical expertise on plant and equipment.

Main duties

  • Contribute to organizing the inspection of all plant and equipment subject to in-house monitoring (reactors, tanks, exchangers, storage tanks, safety devices, etc.).
  • Draw up procedures for preparing inspection and monitoring plans for plant and equipment in operation or under construction.
  • Take part in establishing inspection plans and check their implementation. 
  • Keep up to date with regulatory changes, inform the relevant departments (maintenance, manufacture, engineering design), and check their implementation.

Skills and abilities needed

  • Command of the main non-destructive testing methods.
  • Rigour in applying regulations.
  • Communication skills.

Education and experience

Technician with strong skills in boiler-making and sheet metal work, in construction techniques, and a sound knowledge of materials and corrosion.

Ideally, the applicant will have prior experience of inspection in the chemical industry.


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