From the results obtained in the laboratory and pilot plant, apparatus, plant and equipment need to be designed to enable industrial production in optimum safety, quality, cost and timescale conditions.

This is the responsibility of the engineering design department which comprises engineers with en extensive range of skills (mechanics, electricity, hydraulics, regulation, etc.)

Main duties

  • Ensure the smooth execution of projects in terms of cost, timescale and quality within safety and environmental constraints and in accordance with the budget.
  • Ensure that the company’s or the Group’s manufacturing rules and standards are taken into account, and engage in feedback.
  • Deliver the conditions that will allow the handover of the plant to the plant operator.
  • Ensure the accuracy and availability of the site’s general documentation.
  • Conduct technical and operational assistance studies.
  • Develop the performance of their team members by making sure they maintain their technical expertise, and ensuring their motivation.

Skills and abilities needed

  • Skills in mechanics, electricity, instrumentation.
  • Curiosity, creativity.
  • Organization, coordination.
  • Fluent English is required.

Education and experience

Engineering school (general or specializing in mechanics, electricity, instrumentation).


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