Junior buyer


Junior buyers identify the best suppliers and negotiate terms and conditions, while fostering partnerships designed to ensure optimum service.

On site or at corporate headquarters, junior buyers work across departments on behalf of all entities concerned by the category of purchases for which they are responsible.

Main duties

  • Recommend the procurement strategy for their area and then implement it.
  • Manage multi-site supplier contracts for their category of products.
  • Coordinate business and technical relations with suppliers under contract.
  • Draw on the network of purchasing officers, specifiers and technologists when carrying out purchasing duties.

Skills and abilities needed

Thoroughness, an ability to listen, negotiating skills, curiosity, an openness to other cultures and interpersonal skills.

Fluent English is required.

Education and experience

Graduate of an engineering or business school with option or master’s degree in purchasing.

At least two to three years’ prior job experience in industry would be an asset.


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