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1. Apply for a job

Are you interested in one of our job opportunities? Click on "Apply for this job" and you are ready to go! You can send your résumé and cover letter as attachments. You can also submit an unsolicited candidacy.  

2. Preselection telephone interview

If your résumé matches our needs, you will be contacted by telephone by one of our recruiters. That first conversation will allow us to review your career aspirations and to arrange a meeting together.


3. Meeting with human resources

You will meet a representative of our HR department to talk about the compatibility of your career plan with the position to be filled. You will talk about your motivation and skills.

4. Interview with operational departments

Following your HR interviews, we will submit a shortlist of candidates to the recruiting operational departments. You will then meet the people you would be working with: the business-line functional manager, the management of the recruiting entity and the direct manager in question. These interviews should provide the opportunity to discuss in detail the content of the job and to confirm your technical skills.

5. Recruitment decision

After these meetings, the representatives of the HR and operational departments will choose from among the interviewed candidates. If you are chosen, you will receive a job offer from our HR team as well as, naturally, all the information you will need to make a successful start in Arkema.

6. Induction

Welcome to Arkema! It is very important to us to properly welcome new recruits. After a few weeks of on-the-job training, you will be invited to an induction seminar with all the other new recruits, regardless of their profession. There you will learn about what Arkema has in its genes, its strategy for the future, and lots more! Above all, it will be an opportunity for you meet some new faces in the company.


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