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Industrial safety approach of the Arkema group must be global. Worldwide, the Group manufactures many product with complex and diversified processes. Common rules and procedures ease systematic identification of risks and hazards. They enable preventive and corrective measure application. 
Technical dimension of the Arkema group's approach on industrial safety covers:

  • risk analysis
  • production unit design
  • transportation safety
  • process safety
  • security


Risk analysis

The risks on an industrial site are evaluated through a systematic analysis of the following :

  • manufacturing processes
  • operating conditions of the existing units
  • transportation operations, especially for hazardous products
  • design and construction of new facilities
  • upgrading existing facilities
  • hygiene and safety at the workstation

A wide range of technical and organizational resources are dedicated to identifying, prioritizing and preventing the risks. The Group attaches great importance to feedback (internal or external) about incidents and accidents as well as best practices related to controlling industrial risk. Ultimately, the goal is to reduce the probability and the consequences of accidents.
In particular, the Arkema group requires constantly higher requirements regarding the analysis of identified risks on SEVESO II-classified sites or the equivalent (facilities which have a major industrial risk due to the quantity or type of product on the site).

Risk analysis is an integral part of safety training

The Arkema group ensures that risk analysis, i.e. the knowledge acquired from study and feedback, is an integral part of the safety training programs.

Production unit design

During the design phase of a new production unit or the major extension of an existing production unit, the best methods are sought to improve industrial safety. In addition, the Arkema group regularly improves its existing production facilities.

Transportation safety

The Arkema group ensures that the products it manufactures safely are also transported safely throughout the world. It ensures that best practices related to logistics, packaging and transportation are applied and in compliance with regulatory requirements. Audits are organized to identify potential risks.

Transportation safety audits


A team dedicated to transportation safety

In the Group's Safety and Environment Division of Arkema, there is a team specially dedicated to transportation safety. For a number of years it has imposed a set of requirements on the audit providers based on the transportation method:

  • Safety & Quality Assessment System (SQAS) for transportation over land
  • Chemicals Distribution Institute (CDI) for transportation by sea
  • European Barge Inspection Scheme (EBIS) for transportation by river


The Group analyses transport accidents in order to improve its loading/unloading processes and avoid any loss of containment during the transport of its products.

Process safety

An aim to reduce process events

In terms of process safety, the Group's objective is to reduce the number of process-related events as much as possible.
In order to pursue its efforts to reduce the risk of industrial accidents, Arkema has set in 2018 a new strategic objective: to achieve a process safety event rate (PSER) below 3 in 2025.


Aware of the challenges related to cybersecurity, the Group has launched a vast program to strengthen the protection of its information systems through a reference system based on 10 MUST HAVE (protection of servers, networks, etc.).