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 Arkema is taking steps to favor renewable raw materials

The Arkema group is pursuing its efforts to diminish its environmental footprint. A major aspect of that effort is conserving non-renewable feedstocks derived from petroleum. In order to do this, Arkema furthers renewable raw materials use. At the same time, the Group is developing and marketing a new generation of products made from bio-based raw materials.

The foreseeable depletion of fossil resources as well as environmental imperatives is pushing the chemical industry to turn to raw materials of plant origin to produce bioplastics. The advantage of this approach is that plants are renewable. In addition, to be able to grow, plants capture the CO2 present in the air, thereby helping to reduce the greenhouse effect.

A number of manufactured products are already made from these polymers of plant origin: shoes, eye glasses, mobile telephones, automobile parts, packaging, etc.

Arkema also conducts various researches on the potential use of bio-based raw materials in some of its productions, such as the substitution of propylene glycerol in manufacturing acrylic acid.

Products made from renewable raw materials

Arkema Renewables - a label for bioproducts


​​​​​​The products from Arkema which are made from raw materials of renewable origin (over 20% non-fossil based carbon) carry the Arkema Renewables label. 


They account for some 10% of Arkema's sales.