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A tool to oversee the environmental performance: the EFPIs

The environmental performance of the Arkema group is steered with a high precision. Intensive indicators called EFPI have been created to calculate the most acurately the group's environmental footprint. These intensive indicators also called indicators of intensity and their calculation are audited by an independent third party body.

Environmental targets

The Group decided to realise its sustainable development commitments by setting out four new objectives for 2025 primarily translating its resolve to reduce its environmental footprint and boost its operational excellence.
The 2030 targets focus on:

  • Climate change: reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 38% (with 2015 as the baseline)
  • Air: reduce its volatile organic compounds emissions by 65% (with 2012 as the baseline)
  • Water: reduce its chemical oxygen demand emissions by 60% (with 2012 as the baseline)
  • Energy: reduction by 20% of net energy purchase (with 2012 as the baseline)