Customers - satisfying and informing

Respectful of the environment and human health, we are committed to providing our customers with all the necessary information for the proper use of our products. We are also committed to establishing a close relationship and support for our customers. A recent survey has been lead to assess their level of satisfaction.

Products respectful of health and the environment

We use the skills of our experts to support our pledge to manufacture and sell products respectful of human health and the environment. These experts in toxicology, ecotoxicology, regulatory requirements and environment ensure that at each stage of their life cycle, our products are not harmful to either human health or to the environment.

Arkema is committed to providing its customers with all the required information to document this commitment.

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Feeling the Pulse of our Customers

A recent global customer satisfaction survey allows us to understand how our customers feel about us and how they prioritize our values. It also arms us with critical intelligence that empowers us to make improvements and to grow our business.


Customer satisfaction, a priority issue for Arkema

Arkema completed a digital global customer satisfaction survey between February 19th and March 4th 2020, addressing 100% of its B-to-B customers in all three regions. The customer list was extracted from our Salesforce database and the survey was deployed using our Marketo marketing automation tool and the Qualtrics “voice of customer” tool.


The goal of the survey was to enable us to understand our customers’ real priorities and expectations, together with their relative satisfaction with our performance – particularly in comparison with our direct competitors. Further, the extreme attention given to the Voice of the Customers through this questionnaire, is fully in line with the CSR policy and ambitions of Arkema on a global basis


Over 37,000 contacts were surveyed, and 2,700 actively responded.


Overall, the respondents awarded Arkema a CSAT (customer satisfaction score) of 84/100. This corresponded to 84% saying they are “satisfied” with a rating between 7 and 10..


Customers were further questioned, and provided insights on four major dimensions:

  • Relationship     
  • Supply-Chain     
  • Products & Service
  • Sustainability


This data can now be analyzed on a more granular level – by BU, region, market, key account etc. Additionally, a significant amount of open comments (freeform text) have been collected and analyzed, leading to several action plans across our business units aiming at improving the customer experience in order to protect and grow our business.


The survey will be repeated on a regular basis in the future in order to monitor our evolution and to drive continuous improvement. Arkema remains committed to best in class customer centricity. Listening to the voice of our customer is paramount to our commercial excellence ambition.


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