Customers - satisfying and informing

The Arkema group manufactures and sells a wide range of products that meet the needs of its final customers. In particular, it develops innovative solutions and materials suitable for sustainable development. Respectful of the environment and human health, it is committed to providing its customers with all the necessary information for the proper use of its products.

Customer satisfaction, a priority issue for Arkema

Products for a good life

The Arkema group develops products and services, which meet the needs of all its target sectors. It satisfies the expectations of its final customers in a variety of fields: clothing, sport, automobiles, pharmaceutical, hygiene and agriculture.


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Innovative solutions for a sustainable world

The Group devotes its research resources to developing products for final customers wishing to meet the challenges of the future: energy, non-renewable resources and access to water.

Products respectful of human health and the environment

A woman in a white coat analyses some samples

Finally, the Group uses the skills and know-how of its experts to support its commitment to manufacture and sell products respectful of human health and the environment. These experts are specialized in toxicology, ecotoxicology, regulatory requirements and the environment.
They ensure that at each stage of their life cycle, products which are manufactured and sold by the Group are not harmful to either human health or to the environment.

The Group is committed to providing its customers with all the required information to document this commitment.


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