A vision about waste around the 3 R: reduce, recycle and reuse

The Arkema group promotes environment preservation in reducing its own quantity of produced waste. It supports products' reusing and recycles its own waste while contributing to easily recyclable products.

Reduction of produced waste at source

Foster recycling

Recycle our own waste

The Arkema group's objective is not only to reduce its overall wastes production, but also to recycle these wastes into materials and to recover their energy potential through their combustion.


Volume of hazardous waste produced

(except materials recovery)

in kt per year 151157155159153

Soda wastewaters of Mont's plant (France) from a monomer purification are, for instance, used as a secondary raw material by the papermaking industry. It serves to manufacture carton and kraft paper.

Foster our customers' products recyclability

In addition of promoting its own waste recycling, the Arkema group develops products which are easily recyclable for example:


  • Elium® liquid resins replace thermoset resins epoxy type and are recyclable thanks to their thermoplastic properties


  • Cecabase RT® is an additive for bitumen which enables the increase of the recycled aggregate rate from 10 to 15% in the road pavements 

A longer life products including by reusing

The N°1 court’s roof protected by Kynar 500 lengthening its product life shows Arkema’s expertise in waste reducing

Kynar® offers a coating of a particularly long life. Thus, Kynar 500® covers the N°1 court's roof of Wimbledon for more than 20 years. It protects the roof from external aggressions without the use of maintenance products harmful for the environment.

The Arkema group has developed Kercoat® and Opticoat® technologies which reinforce glass bottles protection and allow to increase the number of reusing cycles of returnable bottles.

beer bottles protected with Arkema solutions for a longer product's life and a better recyclability

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