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Scaleva® MSA, a safer eco-friendly cleaning solution

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Product overview

Scaleva® offers an outstanding combination of properties for use in hard surface cleaning and removal of lime and metalic (iron) scales. Scaleva® is used in the sector of metal cleaning, acid base cleaner for food industry and beverage industries, I&I, concrete cleaning, membrane cleaning, etc.

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Technical Data

Chemical name: Methane sulfonic acid, CH3SO3H
Common name: MSA
Trademark: Scaleva®

Product description

Arkema’s Scaleva® is a powerful new generation acid for efficient derusting and descaling applications, especially for the tough calcium scales targeted by dairy and brewery cleaning formulations. For (clean-in-place) CIP and (blast-in-place) BIP systems, Scaleva® helps reduce cleaning time and waste treatment costs.


  • Promotes rapid attack on carbonate and oxide scales
  • Enhanced dissolution and removal of salts for potential rinse reduction
  • Less damaging to pipes, fixtures, and vessels compared to other strong acids
  • Dilute solutions safe for discharge to waste treatment facilities
  • High thermal stability and non-oxidizing
  • Compatible with non-ionic surfactants and most biocides.

Customer benefits

  • Faster reactions

  • Improved processing

  • Nitrogen and phosphorus free

  • Strong acidity (with low-corrosion
    formulation available)

  • Non-oxidizing and non-foaming

  • High solubility of post-cleaning salts for dissolution and removal

  • Stable with strong oxidizing agents (formulates safely with hydrogen peroxide, peracetic acid).

Common applications

  • Scaleva® is the solution for descaling applications including cooling towers, evaporative coolers, hot water boilers, processing equipment and more.
  • Scaleva® is used in Food & Beverage, concrete, household, petrochemicals, and formulated cleaner applications.
  • Scaleva® is the best acid choice to replace fuming, weak, and environmentally polluting acid.
  • At the same active concentrations, Scaleva® does a better job in 15 minutes than phosphoric acid does after 45 minutes.
  • For stainless steel cleaning that requires high acid content, we recommend our MSA LC grade.


Scaleva® is REACH certified and NSF registered. It contains no phosphorus or nitrogen, making it environmentally friendly and less corrosive than other strong acids. It is listed as a safer chemical by EPA and is biodegradable.

Scaleva® can be formulated with a number of products to improve overall efficiency and efficacy of your cleaning mixtures. This may reduce the number of cleaning steps involved and the amount of water used.



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