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Efficient wind turbine material for sustainable development

Actively involved in sustainable development issues, Arkema innovates for the production of new energies. At the heart of R&D’s considerations: improving the lifetime of wind turbine blades while making them recyclable.

Efficient and recyclable wind turbine blades

A genuine societal issue, the development of new energies requires our commitment today if we want a better life tomorrow. Arkema has taken up the challenge by offering innovative solutions for the construction of more efficient and, above all, recyclable wind turbine blades.

How is this major first possible? By using Elium® thermoplastic resins to manufacture latest generation composite parts, combining the sturdiness and reliability of thermoset plastics while also being recyclable.

We have demonstrated the industrial feasibility of the project. To date, Elium® is the only thermoplastic compatible with conventional tools and processes for manufacturing composites from thermoset resins."

Arkema, a choice partner

Over and above the development of cutting-edge materials, Arkema makes a commitment to the future through unique partnerships. The Group has joined forces with Plastinov and other innovative SMEs as part of the Effiwind project in France.

Its aim: to validate the processes for using Elium® as turbine blade material. Effiwind took a decisive step forward at the end of 2016 when it produced the first 25 meter blade.

This industrial feasibility issue was once again tested at the beginning of 2017 thanks to another partnership which is a source of pride for Arkema. This concerted endeavor involving several major industrial players has been orchestrated in America by Iacmi - Institute for Advanced Composites Manufacturing Innovation. A collaborative venture described in this video: