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The lithium-ion battery market is constantly growing and sustainability issues are creating new technological requirements. Manufacturers need ever more efficient and durable batteries. With our new ultra-high purity LiFSI electrolyte salt Foranext®, energy storage is more innovative than ever. Higher energy density, longer life, improved energy performance... Discover in our white paper the advances represented by the ultra-high purity lithium salt LiFSI, as well as the challenges related to its concentration in the electrolyte of lithium batteries, in addition or replacement of LiPF6.

In this white paper, our expert teams test, analyze and demonstrate the effectiveness of our ultra-high purity electrolyte salt Foranext®. In particular, you will find graphs and diagrams highlighting:

  • Ionic conductivity and rate performance of LiFSI electrolyte solutions ;
  • Capacity retention and calendar aging for LiFSI electrolytes ;
  • LiFSI performance in lithium metal anode cells ;
  • Chronoamperometry test on a 4.4V coin cell ;
  • pH and capacity retention of different LiFSI sources.