Product range

Arkema's sulfonyls range includes MSA (methane sulfonic acid - CAS 75-75-2) and MSC (methane sulfonic chloride - CAS 124-63-0)  with various grades adapted to customer's applications.

MSA (methane sulfonic acid) is able to produce higher rates, higher quality, lower color product, and is biodegradable. MSA has no toxic fumes, has low toxicity to aquatic life, contains no phenol and completely miscible in water.


MSC (methane sulfonyl chloride), CH3SO2Cl is a versatile, reactive chemical used in the agrochemical, pharmaceutical, photographic. It is also commonly known as mesyl chloride.


Geographic availability



  • Chemical and plastics industry
    • Pharmaceuticals
  • Consumer goods
    • Household equipment
  • Electronics and electrical
    • Electronic
  • Food industry and agrochemicals
    • Agrochemicals
  • General industry
  • Oil and gas


  • Catalyst
  • Plating

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