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Hosted by the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC), ADIPEC is the world’s most influential meeting place where oil, gas and energy companies and professionals will convene in-person, safely and securely, to engage and identify the opportunities that will unlock new value in an evolving energy landscape.


The exhibition provides opportunities for buyers and sellers to meet, learn, network, do business and discover new products, solutions and technologies from over 2,000 exhibiting companies, which includes over 51 NOCs, IOCs and IECs as well as 26 international country pavilions, providing a world-class environment for trade across the industry’s full value chain.

The conference programmes provide both strategic and technical insights as more than 100 leading Ministers, CEO’s, policy makers and influencers debate and share their insights on the latest developments that shape the industry across the strategic programme and over 800 technical experts from around the world, deliver 115 sessions across 4 days of business critical knowledge-exchange.

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Our team will be happy to answer any queries you may have regarding our INIPOL® range of Scale Inhibitors-Dissolvers, the PROCHINOR® range of Demulsifiers, Defoamers, Asphaltene, Wax dispersants, as well as our extensive NORUST® range of corrosion inhibitors and our BACTIRAM® biocides. 


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Your value-added partnership with Arkema, the global supplier of DMDS®, your reliable solution for sulfurization and coking reduction

Arkema is the only company to manufacture DMDS Evolution® E2, the most performant sulfiding agent, and provide direct turn-key catalyst sulfiding services worldwide with Carelflex®.

Dimethyl Disulfide, DMDS Evolution® E2 is the most effective sulfiding agent to be used for insitu hydroprocessing catalyst activation during startup of the unit. Hydrotreating catalyst (HDT) must be converted to the “Sulfide” forms to get the desired activity. DMDS Evolution® E2 is easy to pump, fully soluble in any hydrocarbon and has a high sulphur content to minimize delivered quantity and be cost effective. Moreover, Arkema offers its expertise with Carelflex® service that includes top quality equipment and dedicated and flexible teams to handle and inject DMDS®. Carelflex® provides refineries with the benefits of an optimal on time sulfidings with DMDS Evolution® E2.


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DMDS (Dimethyl disulfide), your reliable sulfiding and anti-coking solution
  • Product range

Dimethyl Disulfide, DMDS Evolution® E2 is the most efficient and safe sulfur provider for Hydrotreatment catalyst ...

Carelflex®, an on-site sulfiding service for refineries
  • Product

In addition to supplying and delivering the most efficient and highest purity sulfiding agent, DMDS ...

DMDS Evolution® E2, the most efficient sulfiding and anticoking polysulfide
  • Product

Dimethyl disulfide, DMDS Evolution® E2, only available from Arkema, is a breakthrough formulation for a ...

DMDS Evolution® E2 for anti-coking in Propane and Butane Dehydrogenation units
  • Product

Dimethyl disulfide, DMDS Evolution® E2, is the leading sulfur-based, anti-coking and corrosion inhibition ...

DMDS Evolution® E2 for hydrodesulfurization catalyst sulfiding
  • Product

Arkema is the only company to manufacture DMDS Evolution® E2, the most performant sulfiding agent, and ...

DMDS Evolution® E2 for steamcracker coking mitigation
  • Product

Ethylene is the largest volume of basic chemical produced by the steamcracking of hydrocarbons. Cracking to produce ...