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When additive manufacturing debuted more than two decades ago, it represented a solution for rapid prototyping. Since then, the evolution of additive manufacturing experienced a highly dynamic growth with new 3D printing platforms and new printing technologies. This way, 3D printing’s capacity expanded to manufacture highly functional pieces on an industrial scale. Additive manufacturing is already changing the way we think about a product, from conceiving the idea all the way through manufacturing and distribution. The impact of additive manufacturing goes beyond manufacturing and printing – it implies potential shifts in entire value chains and business models. The high-performance materials for 3D printing are evolving in tandem with advancement of additive-manufacturing technology. The material research and development in additive manufacturing is rooted in the understanding of the past practices and bridging the gap between traditional and emerging technologies.

3D Printing Solutions by Arkema presents a comprehensive white papers exploring the trend in additive manufacturing towards increase of industrial applications. We present an overview of our market-leading portfolio of advanced materials and we demonstrate cases of  highly demanding applications. 

Key questions we try to answer in this white paper:

  • Why additive manufacturing is revolutionary for industries? 
  • What are the highest performing materials for additive manufacturing in industrial application?
  • How to democratize additive manufacturing?

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