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I am thankful to all the multi-partner alliance teams for this achievement. We will continue giving highest priority to insure our solutions are homologated on time by the different players enabling the road construction transformation towards decarbonization and lower emissions.

Following closely the regulation changes in Europe, Arkema’s Infrastructure team from Specialty Surfactant business is working on creating the appropriate professional network to contribute to the road construction transition perfectly aligned with Arkema vision.
Preparing for the future regulation change in Germany in 2025 (TRGS900), lowering bitumen aerosols threshold on jobsites to 1.5 mg/m3 (values presently observed being generally over 10), Arkema’s recently demonstrated the performance of Cecabase® RT Bio 10 patented technology in Gummersbach, Germany. Thanks to Cecabase® RT Bio 10, operators were able to apply the asphalt below 140°C versus 180°C with the current hot mix technology, allowing for a safer and less energy intensive process.
As an additional benefit, the technology makes recycling of the existing old pavement at lower temperature easier enabling up to 30% new bitumen and aggregates preservation during the trial.
Arkema invested in the research for lowering the temperatures of bitumen even in the presence of Recycled Asphalt Pavement for road construction, and has a patent portfolio protecting this technology.
This first experience in the area of Gummersbach with lower temperature road construction was completed in two days and realized under supervision of local road authorities in collaboration with BAG (Basalt Actien Gesellschaft) which supplied the warm mix asphalt and Eurovia in charge of the pavement construction, while we sold our material to the bitumen supplier.
It was particularly appreciated by the workers who enjoyed the lower heat sensation and the significant reduction in bitumen smell.

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