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Accompanying the growth of China's plastics and rubber industries for over 30 years, CHINAPLAS has become a distinguished meeting and business platform for these industries and has also largely contributed to their prosperous development. 
A designer of materials and innovative solutions, Arkema shapes materials and creates new uses that accelerate customer performance. The Group will showcase its latest significant innovations in its Advanced Bio-circular materials, including fluoropolymers, high-performance polyamides, and thermoplastic elastomer offering incomparable value to a wide range of markets and applications such as Automotive & transportation; Consumer goods & Electronics; Sports; Renewable Energies; chemical industries; Health and medical.

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Kynar® Fluoropolymer Family
  • Product range

Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF) resins and copolymers designed for extreme inertness in harsh environments, flame & smoke properties, weather ...

Pebax® Elastomer Family 
  • Product range

Pebax® thermoplastic elastomers consist of polyamide and polyether backbone blocks. ...

Rilsan® Polyamide Family
  • Product range

High performance polyamides that deliver toughness, flexibility, chemical resistance, and permeation resistance. Many grades are bio-based.

Rilsan® Polyamide 11 Resin
  • Product

Produced from castor oil, Rilsan® PA11 resin is a high-performance polymer of 100% renewable ...