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Elium® resins for composites

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Elium® is the first liquid thermoplastic resin designed for manufacturing composite parts with mechanical properties similar to thermosetting. The major advantage of Elium® is it acts like a thermoplastic, which means it is uniquely designed for thermoforming, recycling and welding.


  • 30 to 50% lighter than the same parts made from steel with the same resistance
  • Perfect for complex design forms
  • Seamlessly blends with glass or carbon fibers
  • Compatible with conventionial thermosetting resin transformation technologies (Resin Transfer Moulding, Infusion, Flex-molding).
  • Styrene free compared to unsatured polyesters
  • Parts easily thermoformed and recycled with comparable mechanical performance for epoxy parts
  • Exceptional  post-thermoforming (welding and gluing)
  • Cost less to manufacture compared to other thermoplastic technologies:

- Conventional thermoset resin processes

- Transformation at room temperature

- No organo-sheets.


See more on the advantages of Elium® resins in this video:


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  • Automotive and transportation
    • Automotive
    • Boat industry
    • Composite
    • Transportation
    • Yatching
  • Building and construction
    • Composites
  • Chemical and plastics industry
    • Composite
  • Consumer goods
    • Sports and leisure
  • General industry
    • Composites


  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Cars
  • Composites
  • Electric vehicles
  • Ski
  • Transportation

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