VPS®17 is an active sulfur donor additive made of vegetable sulfurized esters (17% sulfur) compatible with mineral, synthetic base oils and greases.


Key properties: low color & odor, limpid, bio-based and bio-degradable.


CAS number
Chemical name
Fatty acids C16-18 and C18-unsatd., Me esters, sulfurized
Common name


Thanks to its polar head groups and fatty chains, VPS®17 improves lubricity and anti-wear properties, while extending extreme-pressure performances without corroding copper alloys. VPS®17 is recommended for the formulation of neat and soluble metal working fluids (with a preference to yellow metals such as alloys) as well as for industrial lubricants. VPS®17 can be formulated solely or in combination with other products within the TPS range (i.e. enhanced anti-wear and extreme-pressure properties in combination with TPS®32 or TPS®37LS). VPS®17 is produced from renewable vegetable raw materials, is poorly odorous and colored and therefore, is the ideal alternative to sulfurized lards.


  • Density at 20°C (ASTM D-1298): 0.97 g/ml
  • Viscosity at 40°C (ASTM D-445): 20cst
  • Viscosity at 100°C (ASTM D-445): 5cst
  • Flash Point (ASTM D-92) > 150°C
  • Color (ASTM D-1500): 4.5
  • Sulfur (ASTM D-129): 17%
  • Active sulfur (ASTM D-1662): 8%
  • Copper corrosion (ASTM D 130): 4


VPS®17 is completely soluble in paraffinic, naphtenic or vegetable oils.

Geographic availability



  • Automotive and transportation
    • Gear oils
  • General industry
    • Greases
    • Metal working fluids
    • Slideway oils

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