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Nanotechnology: Arkema’s solutions for integrated circuits

Printed circuit board

Arkema relentlessly develops new applications in micro-electronics. Pushing back the boundaries of miniaturization, the Group develops solutions for producing nanostructured materials.

Resorting to nanostructuring

Research to break through the miniaturization limits by further shortening wavelengths to extreme UV levels is lagging, stymied by very complex technical challenges. In this context, Arkema has developped a parallel solution based on the capacity of certain block copolymers to self-assemble into periodic nanoscale patterns.


Block copolymer technology can produce nanostructures on the scale of a few nanometers. These geometric designs can be vey precisely modulated. Arkema's expertise in self-assembled block copolymers will make it possible to obtain extreme resolutions, on the oder of 10 nanometers, to produce the patterns of future electronic circuits.

Chemical World Tour 2014

Arkema and CEA researchers explain how chemistry can help manufacture, by enhancing their performance, nano-electronic components with infinitely small resolutions.

The Directed Self-Assembly technology might even make it possible to go beyond the limits of optical lithography and therefore to continue following Moore’s Law. The latter predicts that the number of transistors in microprocessors will double every eighteen months.

Collaborative manufacturing

Arkema joined forces with Brewer Science Inc. in October 2015 for the manufacture of high-quality directed self-assembly materials intented to the semiconductor market.

The objectives of this partnership are clear: the Directed Self-Assembly technology should become a key technology for the manufacture of electronic components thanks to its benefits in terms of performance and productivity.


Arkema and Brewer Science quickly progressed beyond research by combining their strengths, know-how and expertise. The pre-industrialization stage got underway in February 2016: a pilot-scale production of DSA materials was demonstrated.


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