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Because projects and innovation do not wait, Arkema's experts are here for you through dedicated webinars. Their goal: assist you in the search for the best technical solutions. See the list of our previously recorded webinars, as well as our upcoming webinars and don't miss the registration links to attend.

Upcoming webinars

Can an acrylic binder be the solution for the renovation of difficult substrates?

January 26th 2021 - 01:30 to 02:00 pm (CET)

One of the trend of the architectural coating market is to create a universal waterborne paint that will allow the consumers to renovate their house even on difficult substrates such as tannin rich wood with knots, plastics, old furniture, stained walls, etc. The challenges of such universal renovation paints are many: it needs a perfect adhesion on multiple surfaces and it has to block molecules that bleeds through waterborne coatings. For sustainability reason, standard waterborne acrylic and styrene acrylic binders dominate the architectural market. However, they are less performant to block all the molecules that can migrate from the substrates and cannot have a good adhesion on all the surfaces. Why is it so difficult to produce a universal waterborne coating that will efficiently renovate our house? Can we bring one easy solution in the form of a unique binder to formulate renovation paints? In this presentation, we will present an Arkema's solution with the latest waterborne pure acrylic binder with its innovative dual functionality that is easy to formulate, solves the problems of multi-adhesion and efficiently cover stains and tannins.

Speaker: Clément Bazin (Development & Innovation Manager Architectural Coatings).

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TPS®: Best Extreme Pressure Additives for Current Lubricants trends

February 2nd 2021 - 08:00 to 08:30 am (CET) and 03:00 to 03:30 pm (CET)

Current societal challenges have a significant impact on the lubricant market trends. Those market trends are evolving and lead to new technical challenges that the lubricant market need to address. This webinar intend to present how TPS® answer those current trends and challenges in the field of lubricant extreme pressure additives.

Speakers: Paul Guillaume Schmitt (TPS Business Manager) and Pascal Louis Saint Augustin (Technical Manager TPS products).

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Previously recorded webinars