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Arkema Batteries Webinar Series 

Arkema Batteries presents a unique value offer of high performance materials for inside and outside of the battery cell. With our market-leading portfolio and process expertise, our Battery team is capable to address major challenges in key applications in battery system. Our innovative R&D is partnered with global R&D and product development teams ​for new cutting-edge material solutions for next generation battery system. We are committed to deliver high-performance solutions to increase battery efficiency, safety and reliality. 

Episode 1: Outside the battery cell

In this webinar series, the first episode about the outside of the battery cell applications: cell to module assembly, battery pack assembly and its integration onto the vehicle chassis. We explain how high performance materials contribute to the design of the battery system and improve the performance of the battery: prolonged lifecycle, improved thermal management and increased efficiency, safety and reliability. 


Key takeaways from this episode:

  • How high performance materials contribute to the design and performance of cell, module and pack? 
  • How smart adhesives and sealants address major challenges and key applications in the battery system? 
  • How bio-based high performance polyamides and recyclable composites define the future of battery systems?

Episode 2: Inside the battery cell

 In the second episode of our battery webinar series, we will focus on the inside of the battery cell: cathode binder, protective separator coating, carbon nanotubes and conductive electrolyte salts. We will present the latest developments in the technologies for the battery cell to boost the battery performance in terms of charging time, lifetime and high energy density.

Key takeaways from this episode: 

  • What is the Arkema solutions' offer for battery cell: binders, electrolyte salts and carbon nanotubes? 
  • How can Arkema solutions enable new manufacturing processes and new technologies? 
  • How can the quality of materials boost the overall battery performance? 


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