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Tertiary Dodecyl Mercaptan

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Product overview

TDM (Tertiary Dodecyl Mercaptan) is commonly used in the manufacturing process of polymers based on butadiene and styrene (SB latex, SB rubber, ABS...)

Geographic availability
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Chemical name : tert-dodecanethiol
Common name : TDM


  • Density (20°C): 858 kg/m3

  • Viscosity (20 °C): 36 mPa.s (cP)

  • Flash point (closed cup): 97 °C

  • Vapour pressure (20°C): 0.03 mbar (hPa)

  • Vapour pressure (50°C): 0.8 mbar (hPa)

  • Refractive index (20°C): 1.461

  • Boiling point: 233°C

  • Melting point < -30°C

  • Decomposition temperature: 350°C

TDM is not soluble in water, slightly soluble in light alcohols and soluble in styrene and most organic solvents.

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