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Following 4 intense days of high-flying racing on the treacherous waters around Brest, Quentin Vlamynck and his crew took 3rd place in this second episode of the Pro Sailing Tour.
In windy conditions worthy of a Breton early summer, the Arkema crew kept up the pace, winning a podium place in one of the coastal races and 3rd place in the 24h Challenge. After his victory in Bonifacio last May, the youngest skipper of the Ocean Fifty class has now secured a 6th consecutive podium place over 6 episodes since the launch of the Pro Sailing Tour in 2021.

Quentin, how did this second episode pan out?

“Once again we had an excellent week, in sporting and human terms. I’m really happy with the crews we’re putting together, with proficient sailors eager to share their knowledge. It’s very informative.

At a sporting level, the battle is truly top class. We’re constantly sailing in contact with the other boats, which makes for intense competition on the water. The winners, in general, are the crew that push their boat the most fiercely.

I may have been too cautious at times, especially at the start of the races, and we could have done even better in terms of results, but I’m thinking about the next three weeks, when there’s going to be race after race, and I don't want to risk breaking anything on board. My goal above all is to sail as much as possible before the Route du Rhum, while keeping the boat from any damage.”

Any room for improvement?

“Above all, I’m thinking of our steady performance. We’ve had 6 consecutive podium places, and this consistency is proof that we can raise our game to the same pace as our competitors.

I know that I can be overcautious sometimes and that the weather conditions often favor those ahead of us. I have to be a little more incisive at the start of the race because the final result is often decided in the very first miles.

Finally, we also have to work on our timing when passing or rounding a mark. All too often we over-anticipate the maneuver, which means we waste a little time. Overall these are the points we’ll be focusing on in the coming days.”

Want to share an anecdote with us?

“The conditions of this 24h Challenge were really intense. The sea was quite rough in rather humid conditions.

We’re well protected by the roof of the Arkema trimaran and even managed to get some sleep, but when you sail at 32 knots and step out, you become aware of the speed you’re doing. We came across a few Mini 6.50 boats being conveyed that feared we might hit them at this speed!”​​​​​​​

What’s the program for the next few days?

“We’ll be starting next week with the 3rd episode in Saint-Quay-Portrieux. I’ll be sailing in false solo mode on Tuesday, accompanied by Éric Mas who will be part of my routing cell in the Route du Rhum. With this 8h-or-so conveying trip, he’ll be able to work out how I handle the boat.

We’ll then have two days of training, with the competition resuming on Thursday 30 June. After two days of coastal racing, the 24h Challenge will take us to Cowes on the Isle of Wight. Again, this will mean a very fast pace!arkema-sailing-18.jpg

I’ll be keeping the same crew as in the Brest episode, except for César Dohy who will be replaced by Mayeul Riffet. Mayeul is a former co-skipper of Lalou Roucayrol. An excellent sailor and technician, he knows the Ocean Fifty boats inside out. This is going to be a great opportunity for me to learn from a new perspective.”

The Arkema crew in the 2nd episode of the Pro Sailing Tour

  • Quentin Vlamynck: skipper-helmsman
  • Raphaël Lutard: piano operator
  • Pierre-Antoine Morvan: tactician
  • César Dohy : winchman
  • Etienne Carra : winchman