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On January 20, 2022, Arkema was officially certified Top Employer for the first time in France, China, the United States and Brazil. This Top Employer certification is given in recognition of the excellence of our HR practices in these four countries, which account for two-thirds of our employees and recruitments worldwide.

The Top Employers Institute's annual survey certifies Arkema's HR policies and actions to improve our employees' work environment and career management, through increasingly innovative and established HR practices. Certification is awarded following the results of an HR Best Practices survey conducted in each of the four countries, which consists of an in-depth audit with 400 questions. This rigorous evaluation process allows full objectivity.

This audit covers all aspects of human resources: recruitment of talents, quality of life at work, career management, training and skills development, as well as our efforts to promote diversity and inclusion.

“Being recognized as an employer of choice by Top Employer is recognition of the unfailing commitment of our HR teams and of the quality of the Group’s management, especially in this complicated period involving COVID-19 homeworking, which requires a lot of adaptation.

Together, HR teams and managers do a wonderful job of supporting our employees in a caring environment throughout their career in the Group, from joining to training to personal development, and they constantly ensure the quality of working conditions.

This label is an additional asset for our employer brand: we are already seen as an attractive company where it is good to work, thanks to our good ranking on the Forbes Best Employers and Happy Trainees indices. This certification is therefore highly consistent and well deserved, and I would like to thank all Arkema teams who contributed to it.”

Thierry Parmentier, Arkema's Executive Vice President, Global Human Resources and Communications, and a member of the Executive Committee.

On average, Arkema has been recruiting between 1,300 and 1,800 employees worldwide per year, 70% of whom are in France, China, the United States and Brazil.

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