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Binders for water-based paints 

The performance of the coating is directly related to the latex and binder, a key ingredient in the formulation. 

Thanks to our expertise in both acrylic and fluorochemical chemistries, we offer the solutions you need, including self-crosslinking, core shell products with a wide Tg range needed to design a wide range of formulations.

This extensive toolbox of binders and lattices includes the following:


Additives for water-based coatings

A large variety of additives are used in paints to tailor additional performance properties. Arkema offers a wide range of technologies covering all types of functionalities:

Arkema's ingredients for waterborne formulations also include:

Innovative materials for sustainable coatings 

Arkema is committed to developing a more sustainable world with an innovation strategy focused on solutions that contribute to the sustainability of the finished coating. We design products based on the following innovation goals:

Safety for people and the planet

With low and no VOC technologies, Coatex, Coating Resins.

Renewable materials  ​​​​​​
Lower carbon footprint solutions

Including reducing the use of TiO2, Celocor®.

Improving the life cycle of the finished coating by improving durability, weatherability and more Kynar® Aquatec.


Video library and technical presentations

Partnering for Tomorrow Waterborne Formulations 


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