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Crayvallac® Additives

Product overview

The range of CRAYVALLAC® additives have been developed to help formulators improve the performance of solvent-free, solvent-based and water-borne coatings. 

Coating Resins by Arkema proposes a wide variety of functional additives for decorative and industrial coatings, sealants, adhesives and inks. Crayvallac® additives include rheology modifiers, surface modifiers (designed to improve properties like matting, anti-abrasion, slip and rub, sanding and texturing), and flow and leveling agents. 

The range is available and well-known globally for its performance properties.

Geographic availability
  • Africa
  • Asia Pacific
  • Europe
  • Middle East
  • Northern America
  • Oceania

Rheology modifiers

Rheology modifiers for the control of sedimentation and sag resistance!

For rheology control, Arkema offers the formulator a wide range of products based on castor oil derivative and a variety of chemistries such as amide, urethane, oxidised polyethylene, to achieve the following performance properties:

  • Sag control
  • Anti-settling
  • Low thickening at high shear
  • Good leveling
  • Recoatability
  • Transparency

The products are supplied under various supply forms (powder, paste, liquid) to fit with the formulators' processing constraints.


These rheology modifiers are especially used in:

Surface modifiers

Additives for protective coatings and marine paints

Based on polyethylene, polypropylene and PTFE, for the control of surface lubricity and appearance, these products are available as micronised powders or dispersions of micronised powder in water or organic solvents. These high-performance products enable the formulator to control both the lubricity and appearance of coatings and to reach the following performance properties:

  • Gloss and matt control
  • Slip and scratch
  • Mar, rub and abrasion
  • Sanding aids
  • Solvent resistance and water repellency
  • Blocking resistance
  • Texturing
  • Stain resistance.


The end application markets for these additives are mainly:

Additives for industrial wood coatings

Through a wide range of additives for industrial wood coatings, Arkema offers rheology modifiers, flow and leveling additives, matting agents, abrasion resistance agents and sanding aids, as well as dispérsants.

Cost-effective rheology modifiers provide the perfect balance between sag control and anti-sedimentation. Based on polyacrylate or polyester technology, our flow and spread additives improve the surface appearance and offer excellent spreading and defoaming properties. Matting agents, as well as micronized powders and aqueous dispersions allow a satin or matt effect in wood coverings.

Abrasion resistance agents and sanding aids improve sandability for wood finishes, while reducing soil retention and marks produced on metal. Dispersants provide a universal dispersant for solvent-based coatings.

Flow and leveling agents for the enhancement of surface properties!

Crayvallac® additives are high-performance flow and leveling agents for the control of coating surface properties. Based on polyester and acrylic chemistries, they have been developed to provide the following benefits :

  • Eliminate film surface defects
  • Improve substrate wetting
  • Air release properties
  • Defoaming properties

Powder coatings

The end application markets for these additives are mainly:

  • General industrial coatings
  • Can and coil coatings
  • Industrial Wood Finishes
  • Automotive coatings

Additives for automotive coatings

We have a wide range of automotive coating additives that can be incorporated into the dispersion at high or medium speed, or simply added:

  • Rheology modifiers are highly recommended for polyester sealants, topcoats, primers or primers, providing reduced sedimentation and sagging
  • Flow and spread additives improve the surface appearance of primers and primers
  • Dispersants offer exemplary innovation and efficiency for solvent-based coatings, resulting in a superior strong color.

Cans and spool coatings

Our range also consists of a wide variety of additives for can and coil coatings:

  • Rheology modifiers help prevent sagging, achieve top edge coating, and facilitate dispersion
  • Abrasion and scratch-resistance agents are versatile and increase slip and scuff resistance
  • Flow and spread additives provide superior spreading as well as excellent surface impact and are compatible with many systems
  • Matting agents are ideal for satin finishes and appear transparent with thin coats
  • Dispersants are ideal for solvent-based can and coil coatings.

Architectural coatings

Our range includes quality additives for architectural coatings, including wood stains and architectural wood coatings:

  • Rheology modifiers are suitable for various architectural paints, aerosols, wood stains and decorative paints
  • Abrasion and scratch resistance agents provide superior lubricity and slip quality
  • The matting agents are excellent for demanding applications, providing optimum resistance to slipping, rubbing, and scuffing.

Coatings for different industrial sectors

We have developed additives for a multitude of industrial applications, such as wind turbines.

  • Rheology modifiers provide sedimentation and sag reduction for waterborne PU systems and industrial coatings where solvent strength and incorporation temperatures are not extreme
  • Surface modifiers provide improved resistance to slip, anti-stick, scuff and chafing
  • Flow and spread additives can eliminate the orange peel effect, crater wear and pinhole formation in aqueous systems while providing excellent spreading and sealing properties. impact of surfaces in other systems
  • The dispersants are made with high molecular weight wetting technology.

Adhesives and sealants

Our general purpose rheology modifiers use a variety of chemistries, CIP and NMP liquid additives, micronized amide wax and 100% solid powders. They provide resistance to sedimentation, as well as long-term stability and optimum viscosity stability. They can be adapted for wide use, regardless of the area of application. They are characterized by easy application with a gun or knife.

Since 1960, our coating resins have enjoyed a solid reputation. Stocked and sold in more than 100 countries around the world, our coating resins are the products of choice. Arkema coating resins are valued for their wide use (rheological, spreading, flow, matting, dispersion, texturing, slip and friction).

We are constantly improving our coating resins, thanks to a team of experts, a research and development center based in France and regional application laboratories located in Brazil, China, France, Malaysia, Spain and the United States.

Trademark: Crayvallac®

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