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Body and assembly

Arkema’s R&D is committed to continue developing high performance materials to drive current industry-level development efforts to manufacture less energy consuming vehicles with reduced CO2 emission. Lightweight material development is one of our key fields of expertise and we continue pushing limits of material performance in the highest demanding applications in the automotive manufacturing.  Our offer of material solutions consist of high performance thermoplastic resins and smart adhesives tailor-made for automotive application requirements in terms of performance, safety and sustainability. Automotive Solutions by Arkema aims at bringing time-proven material expertise to support the global transition to more sustainable and more durable next generation vehicles.

Thermoplastic composites for vehicle body

Our innovation’s purpose is to address the key challenges for the structural parts: lightweight materials that respond to performance requirements in terms of durability and capacity to absorb impact energy.  We designed high performance thermoplastic resins to complete current developments for less fuel-intensive vehicles in the automotive industry. Our offer of thermoplastic resins is more than simple lightweighting substitution; Elium® and Rilsan® Matrix are fully recyclable and easy to process materials.

Thermoplastic resins for composite structural parts

Elium® resins combine excellent mechanical strength and recyclability, while being 50% lighter than steel and 30% lighter than aluminum.  The composite parts made with Elium® feature identical mechanical properties to thermoset parts and equal level of resistance of steel. Another key advantage of Elium® resins is ease of processing: seamless blend with glass or carbon fibers and compatibility with conventional thermosetting resin transformation technologies.

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Rilsan® Matrix high performance polyamides for lightweight composites

Rilsan® Matrix is the latest development for lightweight materials from our R&D that responds to critical demand for reducing energy consumption and CO2 emission in the automotive industry.  New Rilsan® Matrix series of high temperature, high performance polyamide resins especially designed for structural body part composites. The resin is reinforced with either carbon fibers or glass fibers and this composite structure is highly performant in terms of durability and resistance and impact absorption. Rilsan® Matrix is available the form of unidirectional tapes that enable the manufacture of composite parts using new and innovative processes designed for the high output requirements of this industry.

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Structural adhesives for body-in-white applications

Automotive Solutions by Arkema presents innovative bonding technologies developed by Bostik for compatible with lightweight materials and adds efficiency to the process while ensuring the safety to to workers. Bostik smart adhesives offer a wide range of solutions adapted to every customers’ need and highly demanding requirements such as strong corrosion protection and tolerance to lubricants or pre-lubes. The key applications of structural bonding in body-in-white are structural bonding, anti-flutter, hem flange and weld through sealers. Structural adhesives are applied in assembly, A/B/C pillars, beam, chassis and threshold. Anti-flutter and hem flange adhesives are applied to door, hood, tail and lift gates. Finally weld through sealers applications are chassis, roof, sides and floor carpet.

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Coating Material Solutions by Arkema

Coating Material Solutions by Arkema present a comprehensive offer of high performance materials for coating. Our market-leading portfolio of coating materials include radiation curing resins, thermoset and thermoplastic resins, rheology additives, emulsions & polyols and more. Our expert teams are committed to development of solutions for durable and resistant coating materials for tomorrow next generation vehicles. Coating Material Solutions’ purpose is to provide more sustainable coatings, all while minimizing their environmental impact, notably by employing bio-sourced raw materials.


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