Pulp and paper

Improving bleaching processes, optimizing coatings and reducing environmental impact represent some of the top priorities of paper and pulp industry leaders. Arkema's latest advances in the synthesis of water-soluble polymers enable us to offer solutions that enhance the quality and coating of paper and cardboard, in particular through our subsidiary Coatex. A major supplier of hydrogen peroxide and sodium chlorate, Arkema is active in the pulp-bleaching market, producing stable, colorless and biodegradable solutions.

Mastering paper coating techniques

To improve the coating of paper and cardboard, Coatex, a subsidiary of the Arkema Group, today applies the latest breakthroughs in the synthesis of hydrosoluble polymers. Its product range is based on its unique expertise in mastering techniques related to the viscosity (rheology) of coating colors applied to the surface of paper. Its range of products includes rheology modifiers (RheocoatTM, RheocarbTM) and polyacrylate dispersants (TopsperseTM).

Focus on... RheocarbTM and TopsperseTM

A new technology that ensures a better state of dispersion of the pigments at higher solids

Coatex has developed two new environmentally sound solutions aptly suited to inkjet paper which help improve the surface quality of the paper, and reduce manufacturing costs and cycles, and therefore also wastewater emissions.
Rheocarb™ J 40 rheology modifier improves water retention and the dispersion of coating color particles. Topsperse™ JX A dispersing agent protects pigments from flocculation, and controls the stability of coating color viscosity.

For whiter paper

As the world’s third largest producer of hydrogen peroxide (or oxygenated water) and the European leader in sodium chlorate, today the Arkema Group is a major supplier of pulp and paper bleaching products under the Alpure® and Albone® brands. It has production facilities in Asia, Europe and North America.

Stable, colorless and biodegradable, hydrogen peroxide does not produce any by-products.


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