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Bostik is investing in the rapid-growth market for engineering adhesives with its Born2Bond™ range. What is it?

Born2Bond™ is a range of high-performance adhesives designed for ‘by-the-dot’ bonding in applications that require extreme precision instant adhesive solutions, between 500 microns and 2 mm. It targets the electronics market with complex assembly needs such as smartphones and on-board automotive electronics, jewelry, luxury packaging, medicine with the assembly of specialist accessories and devices (catheters, ultrasound scanners, etc.), and the maintenance of industrial equipment and vehicles. Together, they represent potential revenues of €7 billion a year, with an estimated annual growth of 9%. We want to be one of the world’s top five manufacturers of engineering adhesives.

What demands do you meet?

Precision, speed and user comfort. We use methoxyethyl cyanoacrylate (MECA) technology to formulate our instant adhesives. The resulting patented products are very fast curing, low-odor and no blooming, essential qualities for highend products. Our adhesives fulfill extremely high demands such as complex assembly and design, increasingly rapid curing times, less cost to implement, user comfort, and the need to meet strict environmental and health standards.

How is the Born2Bond™ offer innovative?

We are the first firm to offer up to 250% elongation on adhesives that are usually very crystalline. Our MECA-based, low-odor, mono and duo-component formulas offer much greater user comfort than competitors’ products. We have also developed the Born2Bond™ Academy is available to our clients and distributors around the world to train their technical and sales teams in order to train their technical and commercial teams to the specifics of our products and that they can make the most of their use. Last, we plan to launch additional product offerings within its Born2Bond™ portfolio, including HM-PUR and other urethane acrylates, providing a comprehensive service for evolving application needs.

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