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Rosinox® for rosin bleaching

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CAS : 68555-98-6 / 60303-68-6
Product overview
Rosinox® is a bleaching agent and catalyst for disproportionation of rosin and rosin esters. Supplied by MLPC International, Rosinox® is a low molecular weight alkylphenol disulfide oligomer that contains 31.5% of sulfur.
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Rosinox®, a high sulfur content bleaching agent for rosin and rosin ester dismutation

  • Rosin is composed of abietic acid which is prone to oxidation and cause crystallization
  • Abietic acid represents 25 to 40 weight % in tall oil rosin

  • Rosinox® allows a conversion of abietic acid into dehydroabietic acid thus leading to rosin bleaching

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Benefits and features of Rosinox®

  • Reduction of abietic acid of rosins and esters
  • Increase of dehydroabietic acid of rosins and esters
  • Reduction of color of rosins and esters
  • Rosinox® behavior is the same as well as in tall oil or in gum rosin esterified or not
  • Antioxidant/stabilizer in the treatment of rosins and esters
  • Efficient even at a low dosage 

  • Easy to handle (pastille form)

  • No handling of dusty powder

  • Rosinox® is FDA approved as an antioxidant/stabilizer in the processing of rosins and rosin esters for use as components of adhesives complying with FDA 21 CFR 175.105


  • Adhesives and coatings

  • Inks

  • Rubber

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