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Opticoat® 150 returnable container glass coating

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Product overview

Opticoat® 150 is a high efficient masking of scuffs on returnable glass containers and improves the optical appearance of glass containers. Allowing bottles to be reused as long as they are physically sound, Opticoat® 150 container glass coating can dramatically extend service life to as many as 50 cycles and beyond.  Opticoat® 150 can be applied to filled and labeled bottles without reducing filling plant speed.


Geographic availability
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Chemical name : Masking agent
Common name : Masking agent


With a tailor-made slip angle, Opticoat® 150 container glass coating is ideal for thin-walled returnable glass containers:


  • Food jars used in hot-filling/re-cooling

  • Glass containers subject to extreme wear 

  • Glass containers to be pasteurized or sterilized

  • High performance for extreme transportation and handling requirements

  • Minimizes spots due to over-coating

  • Tailor-made slip angles and excellent scratch resistance

  • Provides excellent protection during the transportation of glassware

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