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Forane® 141b

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Product overview

Forane® 141b is a liquid blowing agent ideal for spray foam applications. Since it is a liquid at atmospheric conditions and has low vapor thermal conductivity, which allow the production of polyurethane foam with excellent physical properties. The low vapor thermal conductivity of Forane® 141b makes it ideal for the appliance market. Forane® 141b is an ideal blowing agent for polyurethane core metal-faced panels used for construction.  R-141b is an HCFC and, as an ozone depleting substance, is subject to phase out according to the Montreal Protocol international treaty and the Clean Air Act in the United States; it has been phased out in the United States for use in foam.

Geographic availability
  • Asia Pacific
  • Latin America and the Caribbean
Technical Data
Chemical name : 1,1-Dichloro-1-fluoroethane
Common name : R-141b
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Latest news

Apr 21 2015

Immediate price increase of 15% on the whole range of Forane® HFC grades in Europe

Arkema Fluorochemicals announces a new price increase in Europe of 15% for packaged and bulk grades ...

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  • R-value (initial): 8.7

  • Thermal conductivity @75ºF (Btu-in/ft2 hr ºF): 0.115

  • Thermal conductivity @50ºF (Btu-in/ft2 hr ºF): 0.11

  • Parallel compressive strength (psi): 45

  • Perpendicular compressive strength (psi): 22

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